Thanks to its strategic location, San Teodoro offers the opportunity of participating in numerous excursions to discover wonderful places and excellence of Sardinian traditions. The “Cinta” stables located near the beach offers very appealing horseback riding excursions.


With its 18 beaches, kilometres of coastline that lie within the Marine Protected Area of Tavolara and Capo Coda Cavallo, along with nature trails at Mount Nieddu, San Teodoro is one of Sardinia’s most renowned tourist spots. These enchanting places are waiting for you so that you can spend your holiday in close contact with our stunning natural environment.


With a calendar rich in events and attractions and a pedestrian zone scattered with bars and shops, a fun-filled and carefree holiday is guaranteed; with all its lights and colours, the lively “Coclearia” evening market is an invitation for a stroll. You can easily reach all this, as well as all principal amenities, from the Stella Marina VI complex.