San Teodoro

San Teodoro is a coastal town located at the entrance of the Gallura region, one of the pearls of north-east Sardinia. Immersed in a unique, stunning location, where the colours and aromas of the Mediterranean maquis meet the hues and scent of the sea, creating an atmosphere worthy of a Caribbean postcard. The history of San Teodoro is perfect for archeology lovers, thanks to the remainders of megalithic ‘nuraghi’ edifices and Medieval estates. There are also interesting natural landscapes, including the protected marine area of Tavolara.

The climate is typically Mediterranean; in July and August, the days are hot with an average of 31°C, but kept fresh by north-westerly winds.

In San Teodoro you will find beaches, coves, cliffs and natural oases where you can enjoy your next holiday by the sea. There are 37km of coast punctuated by granite cliffs that develop warm hues at sunset. Embraced by scented Mediterranean shrubs and white sand, the stunning local beaches include “La Cinta”, “Isuledda”, “Cala Brandinchi”, “Lu Impostu”, “Cala Girgolu” and “Puntaldia”.

San Teodoro is a young and dynamic town, with several venues in its centre. From happy hour to dinner time, here you can find a wide number of restaurants, pizzerias and pubs; after dinner, you can choose to hang out in clubs and live music venues until the early hours of the morning. Those who prefer a quieter time can also enjoy nice strolls along the main stalls at the local artisanal market.

The local culture of Gallura is well-represented by its exquisite traditional dishes. One of the most famous first courses in Gallura is a soup known as “Suppa Cuata” (slices of bread dipped in meat broth, layered with cheese and other ingredients and oven baked), followed by “Mazza Frissa”, made by mixing fresh local cream with semolina flour, served with honey.

The sea and its bounties are always present, with fresh fish and local delicacies such as oysters and bottarga. And to wash it all down, the father of all Gallura wines: Vermentino DOCG, a fresh and aromatic white wine that is ideal for a toast at happy hour or dinner time.